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Our logo signifies the word mark BM which stands for Bizminder. The logo is softer, lighter and lower cased to be more approachable dominated by an abstract symbol of five bars exhibiting ‘multiple choices with definitive growth’. The second and fourth bar shows steps towards growth and the first, third and fifth bar shows the strength that helps the growth to be sustained.

The colors represent the colors of five elements (Panch Maha Bhootam in Hindi); this also shows our strengths and core values.
Blue is for sky – which stands for creativity & dynamism,
Turquoise is for water – which stands for clarity,
Red is for fire – which stands for energy & productivity,
Autumn orange is for air – which stands for transparency & intellect and
Green is for earth – which stands for stability.

As the universe gains positive energy from these five elements, Bizminder makes them its core values to integrate positive growth in organization that we serve. These colors represent the values and strengths of Bizminder and its ethos and commitment to deliver its client the best possible solutions.

Our positioning statement ‘strengthening growth’ exhibits our key strengths, ethics and philosophy. These values prevail in everything associated with Bizminder. Be it our services or our people.

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